Marjorie's visual art explores the relationship between environment and identity.

A native of south Louisiana, she captures rapidly evolving coastal landscapes there, in her adopted state of North Carolina, and around the world. Marjorie's work is featured in museum, university, corporate and private collections; her first book, Struck By Nature: Photographs of Bald Head Island, was published in December 2012. The Struck by Nature book can be viewed in the video below.

"Visual storytelling can be a compelling way to replace environmental indifference with a new culture of stewardship and passion for the earth.  My work uses time and movement to capture the restless energy of evolving bodies of water, from bayous and lakes to salt water marshes and estuaries, to the massive seas and oceans that may overtake fragile coastal communities." - Marjorie Pierson

Marjorie is available for speaking engagements, where she share her experiences photographing in south Louisiana and in other environments around the world. She also teaches an inspiring seminar, "Struck by Nature" which explores the use of visual art in building an emotional connection between specific audiences and conservation issues. 

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