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"The most stirring beauty is the most evanescent."  - Susan Sontag

If your home were slowly disappearing, how would it impact your identity?

We are shaped by our environments, and when they are threatened, so is our sense of self. Rare Earth, a new series, weaves a story of external forces and internal reckoning in a study of rapidly changing coastal landscapes.  

Crystalline ocean water, expansive views and rich resources have lured millions of us to the world's coastlines, but there are inevitable changes at the intersection of environment and humanity. In south Louisiana, wetlands landscapes and communities reliant upon them are swiftly melting into the Gulf, a result of sea level rise and oil and gas exploration. As these places fall off the map, they are taking with them a unique cultural heritage that may never be replicated. 

Some scenes in this series are imbued with a sense of motion and chaos, echoing swift environmental disruption. Other images juxtapose evolving Louisiana landscapes with unexpected backdrops around the world, encouraging viewers to reconsider how they process environmental stories. 

More details on this series will follow after the exhibition opening of Rare Earth on May 20, 2016.